Handmade Catholic Rosaries, Chaplets & Christian Jewelry
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At Queen of Heaven Rosaries, we make Handmade Catholic Rosaries,
chaplets and
Christian Jewelry. All of our jewelry can be appreciated by all
who want to honor Christ. We create custom jewelry necklaces, bracelets,
and earrings.

All of our handmade Catholic rosaries, chaplets and jewelry may come with a
sterling, bronze or other metal Crucifix or cross.   We specialize in Handmade
Catholic Rosaries and Handmade Christian Jewelry which may be perfect for
you or as a gift for someone you care about.

When it comes to quality, Queen of Heaven Rosaries makes everything with
the greatest level of care and quality.  We offer only the best, and you will only
receive the best when you shop with Queen of Heaven Rosaries.

If you are interested in purchasing or viewing more of our handmade Catholic
rosaries, chaplets, and jewelry please visit our
online store.  If you have any
other questions feel free to contact us at anytime.  We're looking forward to
hearing from you in the near future.