Handmade Catholic Rosaries
Praying the rosary is a form of combined prayer & meditation on the life of
Christ and is a wonderful and beneficial prayer aid for any Christian. You do not
have to be a Catholic to pray the rosary. This meditation consists of reflections
on the events in Jesus’ life known as the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and
Glorious Mysteries.   Each set of Mysteries ponders 5 important events.  The
rosary begins with the Sign of the Cross and Apostles Creed.  Individual
decades consist of 10 Hail Mary’s (a request for the Mother of God to pray for
us) a Glory Be to the Father and an Our Father.  Optional prayers can also be

The rosary is a powerful prayer tool and is used by millions of people everyday
as part of their prayer arsenal.   
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At Queen of Heaven Rosaries, we continue to make handmade Catholic Rosaries to honor this prayer
tradition on a daily basis. We have Rosary Beads and Chaplets that come with a Crucifix in Sterling Silver,
Pewter, Bronze or other metals.  All of our handmade rosaries are created with the highest level of
craftsmanship and care, and you will be able to use them for many years in your prayers.

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